Due to the nature of hygiene and sanitation practices, the tattoo industry involves a significant amount of single use plastics.  As a part of Raven Studio’s ‘Mindful Tattoo Practices’, it is important that we do our best to reduce our impact on our planet while still keeping health & safety as a top priority.


As we transition & add new sustainable products as well as non-toxic eco friendly solutions, we are happy to share our findings here to help guide other studios in the right direction to sourcing their own eco friendly tattoo supplies. 



  • SHOWA Biodegradable 100% Nitrile Gloves from Nasco, uses Eco Best Technology to accelerates biodegradation in landfills.  This technology reduces the rate of break down to 24 months as compared to decades if not hundreds of years with regular nitrile gloves. 


  • KILLER INK 100% Biodegradable Paper ink caps from Obsidian Tattoo Supply.  Made from paper pulp, waterproof & replacing plastic caps make this an environmentally friendly option.


  • ECOTAT Bottle covers from Killer Ink Tattoo are made from naturally derived, plant based and renewable materials.

  • GOOD JUDY 100% Biodegradable Razors are made from renewable resources & biodegrade within 3-4 months only leaving CO2 behind.  Made from wheat-based bio-plastics makes this an eco-responsible alternative to plastic razor blades. 


  • SECOND NATURE & JTSC 100% Compostable & Biodegradable Trash Bags from Amazon are made from decomposable plant starches making this an eco friendly solution to disposal.


  • DR. BRONNER’S Liquid Pure-Castile Soap, versatile, organic & biodegradable, made with certified fair trade ingredients is an excellent non-toxic alternative to synthetic preservatives & detergents found on the market.


  • TATTOO LOVER’S CARE Salve & Cream (available for in studio purchase).  The best tattoo glide & aftercare we’ve tested on the market is all natural, organic and vegan. This formula  instantly reduces pain, swelling, redness, heals your tattoo faster & does not contain harmful chemicals such as petroleum, dyes or perfumes. Only natural healing ingredients such as cocoa & shea butter, Jojoba oil, Arnica root, Rose water, therapeutic grade essential oils of Tangerine, Orange, Lavender, Rose Geranium & Vanilla are used.




We are always looking for ways to improve our studio & encourage suggestions to help us better the way we serve you as our clients as well as our planet.  


Feel free to email us at ravenstudiohi@gmail.com if you have any eco-friendly recommendations!