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In this (8-video) series I will teach you exactly how to set up a successful tattoo business and start building wealth while generating the best clients, charge premium prices, receive amazing reviews & consistent referrals.


Included Webinars:

  • Building your corporation & your wealth - "How to set up your business as an LLC and start accepting credit cards"
  • Socially Accepted - "How to set up a booking button & optimize your social media and website"
  • Master of 1 - "How to become specialized"
  • Talking Story - "How to attract better clients, charge premium prices and set up art fees"
  • Story Telling - "How to create STOKED clients, the very best reviews and endless referrals"
  • The Hustle - "How to work less and make more"
  • The Hot Seat - "How to create better tattoos and happier clients"
  • Thank you, Come again - "How to create (MSI's) multiple sources of income"


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Pre-Order - Full Webinar Series: "Mindful Tattoo Practices"

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